Raman Nasirizadeh, Political Refugee in Denmark, at Risk of Deportation

11:17 - 21/6/2024

Raman Nasirizadeh, Political Refugee in Denmark, at Risk of Deportation

Raman Nasirizadeh, a refugee who received a positive response from Denmark in 2023 and was granted citizenship rights by the Danish government, is now at risk of deportation for an act he did not commit.

In a call with the Hana Human Rights Organization, Nasirizadeh said: "Despite numerous threats from the Islamic Republic of Iran, unfortunately, today the Danish government has issued me a deportation notice. I am required to appear in court in Copenhagen on June 27, 2024."

The reason for this deportation notice is my participation in protests in front of the Iranian Embassy in Denmark, which involved writing slogans on the embassy walls. Consequently, the Iranian Embassy has filed a complaint against me and three others who were present at these protests.

"I declare that I deny all these accusations, as I was not involved in the graffiti. When I learned about the incident, I even contacted the police. Despite this, I have received a deportation notice from Denmark and must appear in court," said Nasirizadeh.

The Hana Human Rights Organization expresses grave concern over the potential deportation of political activist Raman Nasirizadeh and calls on the Danish government to reconsider his case. We hold the Danish government responsible for Mr. Nasirizadeh's safety and well-being. If he is returned to Iran, he will face serious dangers to his life.