About us

Hana Human Rights Organization is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit and human rights organization founded in 2013 in Geneva as the International Network of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights  with the aim of protecting and defending the rights of Kurdish citizens in Iranian Kurdistan, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The network continued its activities until December 2020 under the same name. The network changed its name to (Hana Human Rights Organization) on December 1, 2020 due to its nominal similarity to several other human rights organizations. 
(Hana) is a Kurdish word meaning to help. Hana follows the human rights situation in Iranian Kurdistan in a professional and expert manner and monitors human rights violations in these areas and delivers relevant news through its websites as well as using Social Media in Kurdish, Persian and English to inform the public, media as well as international human rights organizations. 
Hana Human Rights Organization strives to acquaint the citizens of Kurdistan with the principles and values ​​of human rights based on the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
Hana Human Rights Organization opposes the death penalty and is working to abolish the death penalty. 
Hana opposes all forms of discrimination, including gender, racial, ethnic or religious. 
 News sources and colleagues of the Hana Human Rights Organization are ordinary citizens and mostly civil activists in Iranian Kurdistan. 
This organization considers itself a friend and collaborator of all organizations and institutions that report and inform about human rights violations in Kurdistan and Iran. 
 Hana Human Rights Organization