Three workers die in a work accident

05:37 - 17/6/2024

Three workers die in a work accident

According to reports received by the Hana Human Rights Organization, on the evening of Saturday, June 15, 2024, two well-digging workers named "Ezaddin Aminpour," son of Ebrahim, and "Seyad Babalouei," son of Yusef, from the village of "Gogord Qatur" and residents of the village of Golan Salmas, lost their lives due to gas poisoning in a well.

Additionally, on the same day, another worker named "Seyyed Mansour Alavi," son of Seyyed Ebrahim and a resident of the village of "Khareh Goosh" in the Somay Baradust region of Orumieh, died due to a lift fall.

The lack of proper supervision by officials over work methods and worker safety, as well as employer irresponsibility, are the main causes of the lack of work safety in Iran. This situation has placed Iran at the 102nd position in the world for work safety, making it a very unsafe country for workers. Despite these conditions, anti-labor laws and official support for employers have resulted in workers having no right to protest against the lack of work safety.