June 14 / Anniversary of the execution of dozens of political activists in Sanandaj

07:25 - 13/6/2022

June 14 / Anniversary of the execution of dozens of political activists in Sanandaj

Hana Human Rights Organization; Dozens of Kurdish political activists and members of the "Komala" were executed in the city of Sanandaj on June 14, 1983, by order of the Revolutionary Court.

 The government of the Islamic Republic buried the bodies of these political prisoners in an unfamiliar cemetery on the outskirts of Kermanshah, while parts of their bodies were found.
These political activists are sentenced to death in Sanandaj Prison and Revolutionary Court after months of medieval mental and physical torture. The families of these victims unaware of the mass execution of their children,  go to the Revolutionary Court one day after their execution, to visit their children, but the authorities of the Islamic Republic, instead of responding to their request, gave them their personal belongs,  and a bill of the cost of the death penalty. The news of the mass execution of dozens of political prisoners and activists and cadres of Komala in the city of Sanandaj shakes the political situation in the city and on that day many parts of the city are practically closed.
People go in groups to the homes of the relatives of the executed victims and there is a wave of hatred and dissatisfaction in Sanandaj.
 These executions were carried out by mass and organized killings of prisoners since February 24, 1979, in accordance with the establishment of a judiciary called "Revolution" by the order of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran Khomeini.
 Since then, repression, violence, and execution have been the only means of the Islamic regime to stay in power. But the mass protests, which have intensified in recent years, have smoothly denounced these government behaviors with the slogans "Political prisoners should be freed" and "no to execution."
 Since then, repression, violence and executions have been the Islamic regime's only means of sustaining itself. But mass protests, which have intensified in recent years, have consistently condemned the government's crackdown on "political prisoners must be released" and "no to execution."

Hana Human Rights Organizations, with the help of her colleagues, publishes the names of 33 of those executed in the following way and asks our colleagues to cooperate in completing these names.

1- Habibullah Masoumi 2- Nemat Nodinian 3- Ala Baba Hajian 4- Hossein Niazi 5- Mohammad Chouri 6- Atta Khorshidi 7- Anwar Kananian 8- Farhad Farjad 9- Salah Moradi 10- Reza Moghlabi  11-Nader Yousefi 12- Amjad Qotbi 13- Fatholah Asadi 14- Nadr Bozorgi 15-Mohammad PirXzrian 16- Najmadin Javanmard 17- Parviz Vaziri 18- Raouf Zarei 19- Hamid Saati 20- Ahmad Mubaraki 21- Sediq Mordadi 22- Jalil Sang-e-Sefid 23 and 24- Two brothers from Dolab village named Mehdi and Meyman 25- Raouf Amini, 26-Shahrokh Bakhshandeh 27-Omar Faizi 28- Jamshid Asli 29-Jamil 30-Mohammad from Dezli village 31-Saifullah Seifdini Saifaldini 32-Rahman and 33- Parviz Haghgozar