Prisoner killed under torture in Bukan Central Prison

09:43 - 16/3/2023

Prisoner killed under torture in Bukan Central Prison

According to a source informed by Hana Human Rights Organization: on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, a citizen with the identity of "Shirzad Ahmadinejad", 41 years old, father of three children and from Bukan, was killed under the torture of government forces in the detention center of Urmia Intelligence Agency..

Based on the reports received; The mentioned person was arrested a month ago along with another citizen named "Khalegh Mohammad Nejad" by government forces.

Also, this source added that so far no information about the fate and condition of Khalegh Mohammad Nejad is available.

It should be noted that the body of Shirzad Ahmadnejad has not been handed over to his family until the publication of this report.

It should be mentioned that government institutions have threatened Ahmadinejad's family that there must be one person to hand over the body of their son.