Announcement of Active Election Boycott by a Group of Injured and Detained Activists of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" Uprising

07:11 - 26/6/2024

Announcement of Active Election Boycott by a Group of Injured and Detained Activists of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" Uprising

Our vote is for an active boycott of the elections and the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The presidential election in Iran, following the death of Ebrahim Raisi, the murderer of thousands of political prisoners and one of the suppressors of the revolutionary "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising, will be held on Friday, June 28, one year earlier than previously scheduled.

It is clear that during the lifetime of this oppressive government, elections have never had any real meaning. What has occurred are government appointments for the transfer of power and the opportunity for looting among themselves. Over the past few decades, the people have experienced corruption, repression, discrimination, oppression, poverty, misery, and death. Their ridiculous election show has been nothing but a stamp of approval on this oppressive apparatus. Therefore, we, a group of the injured and detained from the "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising, along with the majority of the people and alongside all the fighters for freedom and equality, actively boycott these elections, which are in fact appointments. By active boycott, we mean that not only will we not participate in this government's elections, but we will also actively work against this criminal system and call for the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic in Iran. We will spare no effort in this path. The majority of the people, fed up with the situation, have been saying no to both factions of this regime for years, especially during the uprisings of December 2017, November 2019, and particularly in the "Woman, Life, Freedom" uprising. As individuals who have been injured or detained in this uprising, we too, along with the majority of the people, say no to this criminal system. Saying no to the elections of this regime and actively fighting against it collectively and unitedly is our duty. From our perspective, any participation or cooperation with these ridiculous and engineered elections means a stamp of approval on crimes and collaboration with the murderers of our children. We will unitedly fight against this system, which systematically reproduces discrimination and inequality in all political, social, ethnic, cultural, religious-ideological, economic, sexual and gender, and environmental dimensions. We consider the active boycott of their elections to be one of our minimum duties.

Our vote is only for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic.  
Woman, Life, Freedom.

Rada Fatehi, Hero Qadimi, Zanyar Tondro, Arasto Pasyar, Farzad Moradinya, Adnan Hosseini, Ali Masri, Yahya Sarkhani, Vahid Rozenvard, Ayub Abdollahi, Ako Maroufi Azar, Kian Derakhshan, Keyvan Samadi, Mehrdad Sabouri.