Murder of a Female Citizen by Her Husband in Piranshahr

09:23 - 18/6/2024

Murder of a Female Citizen by Her Husband in Piranshahr

According to reports received by the Hana Human Rights Organization, on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, a female citizen named "Leila Paymard," daughter of Rahman and Maryam, married, mother of two children, and a resident of Piranshahr, was set on fire by her husband due to family disputes.

According to received reports; This female citizen died due to severe burns caused by burns on Sunday "June 16, 2024" in Khomeini Hospital in Orumieh.

It is important to note that femicide occurs due to unequal power relations between men and women and the dominance of the patriarchal system. In a society governed by patriarchal culture, men hold more power and control over women. In such a society, women are demeaned and have less value, importance, and rights, forcing them to submit and obey men and their demands. Additionally, this culture imposes numerous dos and don'ts on women, and violation of these norms (which are recognized as societal norms) can lead to violence against women, potentially costing them their lives. An example of this is honor killings, which have recently been reported in the public sphere. Another factor leading to violence and murder of women is the lack of legal support. There is still no law passed to reduce violence against women, and existing laws do not provide the necessary deterrence to protect women's lives.

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