Re-arrest of "Khaled Mahmoudi" from Javanrood by security forces

10:09 - 20/5/2024

Re-arrest of "Khaled Mahmoudi" from Javanrood by security forces

Associates of Hana Human Rights Organization in the city of Javanrood reported the re-arrest of Khaled Mahmoudi by the security forces.

According to this report, on Friday evening May 17, 2024, Khalid Mahmoudi, from "Shan Resh" village, and a resident of Javanrood and one of the arrested members of the revolutionary movement of Jina, was arrested by plainclothes forces without a judicial warrant.
According to an informed source, the named person was abducted by uniformed forces with a white Samand car and taken to an unknown place.
It is necessary to remember that the mentioned person was arrested earlier in the revolutionary movement of Zhina on "November 22, 2022" in the house of one of his friends by the security forces and was transferred to Diesel Aba prison in Kermanshah and finally he was temporarily released after posting bail.
For more than a month, this citizen was subjected to pressure and physical torture in the solitary cell of the Kermanshah army detention center to force a confession, and the interrogators forced him to accept the leadership of a part of the protests in Javanrood and participate in the burning of a Basiji house in this city.

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