A 27-year-old woman was murdered by her ex-husband in Orumiyeh

06:00 - 12/3/2024

A 27-year-old woman was murdered by her ex-husband in Orumiyeh

According to the report of Hana Human Rights Organization colleagues: On Sunday evening, March 10, 2024, a woman with the identity of "Ziba Sayadi", the daughter of Taher from the village of "Hasar Kanisepi" in Orumiyeh, was shot and killed by her ex-husband with a gun on Ammar Street in Orumiyeh.

A source added that Ziba was her cousin, who had separated ten days ago.
It should be mentioned; Femicide happens because of unequal power relations between men and women and the dominance of the patriarchal system. In a society dominated by a patriarchal culture, men have more power and dominate women. In such a society, women are humiliated and have less value, importance and rights, and are forced to submit and obey men and men's demands. In addition, in this culture, many requirements and dos and don'ts have been created for women, and violation of these requirements (known as norms) may result in violence against women and cost the woman's life. An example of which is the honor killings that have recently been published in the public arena. Another factor that leads to violence and murder of women is the lack of legal protection for women. No law has yet been passed to reduce violence against women, and existing laws do not provide the necessary deterrent to protect women's lives.

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