Two civil activists were summoned and arrested in Dehgolan

07:33 - 11/9/2023

Two civil activists were summoned and arrested in Dehgolan

According to Hana's colleagues; On Saturday, September 9, 2023, two teachers and civil activists named "Azad Abbasi" and Sirous Abbasi" were arrested after being summoned and referred to the Dehgolan Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office, and were taken to Qorweh Prison to execute the sentence of imprisonment.

Farideh Veisi, the wife of Sirous Abbasi, a member of the board of directors of the Kurdistan Roznobar Educational Institute, published a post on her Instagram page and stated that the reason for the arrest of these two civil activists was the failure to back down from their previous work and activity positions.

It should be mentioned that Sirous and Azad Abbasi, these two brothers and civil activists, were arrested by the government forces on September 22, 2022 for supporting the revolutionary movement of Women, Life, Freedom, and after the interrogation, they were transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison and after a while, they were released on bail.

These two civil activists were sentenced by the Dehgolan Criminal Court to 10 months in prison for "propaganda against the regime", 18 months in prison for disrupting public order, and 48 months in prison for collusion against national security.