Roya Heshmati's sentence of 74 lashes due to non-observance of mandatory hijab

12:14 - 7/1/2024

Roya Heshmati's sentence of 74 lashes due to non-observance of mandatory hijab

Hana: On Wednesday, January 3, 2024, Roya Heshmati was sentenced to 74 lashes after being summoned to Branch I of Tehran District Prosecutor's Office.

Roya Heshmati is 33 years old from Sanandaj and lives in Tehran.
This female Kurdish citizen was arrested for publishing a photo of her without observing the mandatory hijab in Tehran's Keshavarz Blvd.

Ms. Heshmati wrote a story about the implementing of her sentence  and posted it on her Facebook page, which is as follows:

This morning, I received a call from the execution of sentences to execute the sentence of 74 lashes. I called my lawyer and we went to the 7th district court together.
When we passed the entrance gate, I took off my hijab. We entered the hall. The sound of a woman's screams comes from the staircase as she is being taken down. Maybe she will take it to execute the sentence...
My lawyer said, Roya, think again. The effects of whipping will stay with you for a long time.
We went to the 1st branch of the execution of sentences. The branch employee said to put on my scarf so, I don't get in trouble. I calmly and respectfully told him that I came to whip me for this reason, I won't give up.
Called and the execution officer came up. He said put on your hijab and follow me. I said I will not put it on. You said you won't?! I will whip you so that you know where you are. I will open a new case for you, and you can be our guest for another seventy-four whip. I still did not put it on.
We went down they had arrested some boys for drinking. The man repeated with authority, don't I say put it on? I did not. Two clad women  came and pulled a scarf over my head. I opened it again and this was repeated several times. Handcuffing me from behind and pulling a scarf over my head.
We went to the ground floor from the same stairs where the woman was taken. There was a room at the bottom of the parking lot. The judge, the execution officer, and the tented woman were standing next to me. The woman was clearly impressed. She sighed several times and said I know. I know.
Judge smiled at me. I remembered the pig man Panzeri Buf Kur. I turned away my face from him.
Open the iron door. The walls of the room were cement. There was a bed at the bottom of the room with handcuffs and iron bands welded to both sides. There was an iron device similar to a large canvas stand with a place for handcuffs and a rusty iron binding in the middle of the room, and a small chair and table, which was full of whips on the table, was also behind the door. A full-fledged medieval torture chamber.

The judge asked, are you okay? you do not have problem? As if he does not exist. I didn't answer him. He said, "I am talking to you, madam!" I did not answer again. The executioner said take off your coat and lie on the bed. I hung my coat and scarf from the base of the torture canvas. He said put on your scarf! I said I won't. Put your Quran under your arm and whip. And I lay on the bed. The woman came and said please don't be stubborn. She brought the scarf and pulled it over my head.
The man took a black leather whip from the bunch of whips behind the door, twisted it twice around his hand and came to the bed.
The judge said don't hit too hard. The man started hitting. my shoulders my back, my hips my brain my leg again I did not count the number of hits.
I read under my breath in the name of woman, in the name of life, the clothing of slavery is torn, our black night dawns, all the whips become ax...
it is over. We left. I didn't let them think that I was even in pain. Inferior than you think. We went up to the judge . The female agent came behind me and was careful that my scarf did not fall off. I threw my scarf at the door of the branch. The woman said please put your scarf on. I didn't put it on and she put it on my head. In the judge's room, the judge said that we ourselves are not happy about this case, but it is wise and should be implemented. I didn't answer him. He said that if you want to live in a different way, you can be abroad. I said this country is for everyone. He said yes, but the law must be followed. I said let the law do its job, we will continue our resistance.
We left the room and I took off my scarf.
Thank you, dear Mr. Tatai.If I wasn't with you, it would have been very hard to endure these days. And I apologize for not being a good claiant. I am sure that people will understand your magnanimity. Thank you for everything.

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