Orumieh; Three prison officials oppose sending Masoud Hajizadeh on leave

09:20 - 13/3/2023

Orumieh;  Three prison officials oppose sending Masoud Hajizadeh on leave

According to the reports received by Hana Human Rights Organization; On Tuesday, March 11, 2023, three officials of the Urmia prison named "Amir Javan", the judge overseeing the prison, "Dariush Bakshi", the head of the prison, and "Sina Sargoli", the deputy of the prison, strongly opposed the sending of the political prisoner "Masoud (Naib) Hajizadeh" on leave.

Masoud Hajizadeh, born on August 1, 1978, married and has five children, from the village of "Yingjah" in Soma Broadost district of Urmia, is incarcerated in the Islamic Republic prison in Urmia, is in a very bad health condition and needs medical attention.

In the morning of Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the security forces raided the mentioned house in Urmia, searched the house and confiscated his mobile phone and some personal belongings, without presenting any court order. He was transferred from the security detention centers and finally on Thursday "October 24, 2019" he was transferred to the Islamic Republic prison in Urmia.
Masoud (Naib) Hajizadeh, for the first time in a five-minute court where he did not have the right to defend himself, with four other citizens named "Kivan Rashuzadeh, Omid Saeedi, Kamran Ghasemi, Abdul Aziz Mohammadpour" meet each other in the court for the first time, who even They did not know each other before, a joint case is filed against them and his sentence is issued by judge "Ali Sheikhlou".

First, the named person was sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison by the Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic of Urmia on the charge of "membership in Komala Party", and finally this sentence was reduced to 7 years and 6 months in prison in the appeals court.

Massoud was attacked and beaten for several times by several violent and drug-thugs in the main prison hall on Sunday, June 27, 2021.

When he was arrested, he had a surgery in which platinum was placed in his leg in the first surgery and platinum was removed from his leg in the second surgery, and he was not allowed to be sent to the hospital.

With the pressure of international institutions and human rights on the judicial officials and the prison of the Islamic Republic of Urmia, the second surgery was finally performed on June 2, 2021.
After the second surgery, they refused to send him to the hospital and prison hospital and to deliver any medicine, and this issue caused a severe infection in his leg.
As a result of the tortures, this political prisoner suffered a laceration of the inner part of his stomach, and due to the pressure of the human rights institutions on the judicial authorities and Urmia prison, he was transferred out of the prison for tests and initial treatment, after the results of the mentioned tests are known. He should undergo surgery on his abdomen and legs as soon as possible.

But the prison officials take him back to the prison and ask his family for a 4 billion deposit to transfer him to the hospital.

From the beginning, the government prosecutor in Urmia had issued a bail request of one billion two hundred million tomans to send this political prisoner on leave, which was met with strong opposition from the security institutions, the judge overseeing the prison, and prison officials in Urmia, and finally on Sunday On May 22, 2022, under the pressure of human rights organizations, they had agreed to a bail of one billion two hundred million tomans, and with the transfer of the head and prison officials, and after the bail was provided by the family, the three mentioned persons again oppose the sending of leave.

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