The statistics of Kolber's casualty in February 2024

10:10 - 2/3/2024

The statistics of Kolber's casualty in February 2024

According to Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center, in February 2024, a total of 57 Kurdish Kolbers and traders were killed and injured, which is a 14% increase compared to January 2024.

Out of the total number of Kolbers casualty, 3 Kolbers were killed by direct fire of government forces and one Kolbrer died due to natural disasters. In February, 53 Kolbers were injured, 47 of them were injured by direct fire from government forces, 4 Kolbers were injured due to natural disasters, and 2 Kolbers were injured due to a car accident as a result of a chase by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
It should be noted that the number of wounded Kolbers in February is more than the figure we announced, but because the identity of the rest for Hana has not been confirmed, we have only limited ourselves to the statistics of Kolbers whose identity has been confirmed for Hana.

Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization
March 1, 2024

08:02 - 3/3/2024 Updated.