Selmas; The arrest of more than 20 citizens by the intelligence agency

06:10 - 15/1/2024

Selmas; The arrest of more than 20 citizens by the intelligence agency

According to Hana's colleagues: in recent days, more than 20 residents of Qaragheshlaq village have been arrested by the order of the head of Selmas Intelligence Department after protesting the environmental consequences of the construction of a salt factory affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. An informed source added: that the head of intelligence verbally abused the female detainees and threatened them with sexual violence.

The identity of the detainees, some of whom are elderly, is as follows:
80-year-old Gholam Haqiqat, Hashem Rezaei, Ali Rezaei, Yusuf Metlabi, 85-year-old Rahim Talebi, Mehdi Malki, 49-year-old Gholam Malki, 60-year-old Safar Zarai, 52-year-old Morteza Tayari, Toheed Akbari, Ahmed Parsa, 70-year-old Moharam Haqiqat, Qanbar Amani 70 years old, Hedayat Amjadi 60 years old, Tawheed Maleki and Mehdi Maleki
Ladies: Sumiya Alipour, Elnaz Alipour, Rabab Alipour, Sosanbar Alipour, Latifah Moulai, Saeeda Ahmadi and Sosan Ghafari.
It should be mentioned that on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, the people of Qaragheshlaq village had protested against the establishment of a salt factory in the land of this village, and the government forces had dispersed the protestors by using violence and threats and throwing tear gas. Earlier, Hana Human Rights Organization had published a report about this.

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