A Sunni Kurdish cleric was sentenced to death

03:42 - 13/2/2024

A Sunni Kurdish cleric was sentenced to death

According to the reports of Hana's colleagues: a Sunni Kurdish cleric with the identity of "Mamosta Mohammad Khizrnjad" 45 years old from Bukan, by the third branch of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh headed by Judge "Reza Najaf Zade" on charges of "acting against national security by harming the integrity of independence" The country, corruption in the land and propaganda against the regime" was sentenced to 16 years in prison and execution.

According to the received reports, the last court session of Mamosta Mohammad Khzirnjad was held in November 2023, in four short sessions in the form of video conference and without the right to access a lawyer.
According to a source, Mamosta Mohammad Khizrnjad was subjected to severe physical and mental torture for three and a half months in the solitary cell of Orumiyeh Intelligence Agency detention center in order to obtain forced confessions against him.
During the revolutionary movement of women, life, freedom, on November 19, 2023, along with his son Yasser, he was arrested by the forces of the Bukan intelligence agency and transferred to the Orumiyeh intelligence agency for interrogation, and after the interrogation process was completed, he was transferred to the Orumiyeh prison.
Mamosta Khizrnjad was arrested after giving a speech at the memorial ceremony of Asad Rahimi, one of the victims of the revolutionary uprising of women, life, freedom, in Bukan city.

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