Several Kolbers were injured in a car accident

06:45 - 5/2/2024

Several Kolbers were injured in a car accident

According to the reports received by Hana Human Rights Organization: On Saturday evening, February 3, 2024, three Kolbers were seriously injured in a car accident.

The identity of two of these killers was confirmed for Hana "Khalil Msri and Mehdi Salem" from Salas Babajani.
According to an informed source, the car carrying Kolbers had an accident on the Shaho-Serias route and this incident caused three injuries to Kolbers.
This source further added that the general condition of "Khalil Msri" is unfavorable due to his injuries and he is hospitalized in the special care department of Taleghani Hospital in Kermanshah.
It should be mentioned that the identity of one of these Kolbers is still unknown and is being investigated by Hana's colleagues.

07:38 - 5/2/2024 Updated.