Statistics on human rights in Iranian Kurdistan in 2023

12:07 - 6/1/2024

Statistics on human rights in Iranian Kurdistan in 2023

Hana: Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center has prepared a statistical report on the human rights situation and the violation of fundamental rights of Kurdish citizens in 2023 in Iranian Kurdistan. This report includes the provinces of Kurdistan, West Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, and Ilam. It should be noted that due to the lack of free access to news and events inside the country, this statistic cannot include all cases of violations of citizens' rights, but all the efforts of Hana's human rights organization colleagues inside the country are in this direction, however, we are working hard to ensure that the accuracy of the news is being done and verified in the published material.

Based on the statistics registered in the statistics center of Hana Human Rights Organization, more than 1241 Kurdish citizens have been arrested in the past year. 19 people, including 3 children and a woman, were killed during the protests last year. At least 73 women were arrested in the past year. During this period, at least 141 people have been executed, 305 Kurdish Kolbers and traders have been killed and injured, at least 53 workers have had an work accident while working and died, 20 people have been killed and injured due to a mine explosion, at least 20 people have been murdered for reasons of honor, 88 people have committed suicide in the past year and finally 6 prisoners died due to torture.

  In 2023, especially in the continuation of the recent protests and the women's revolution of the woman, life, freedom, more than 1241 Kurdish citizens have been arrested by the security institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran arbitrarily and without any arrest order from the court. The identity of 1,041 of those arrested have been confirmed for Hana human rights organization, most of them have been arrested on charges of political activity, cooperation with the Kurdish political opposition parties of the Islamic Republic, union, labor, civil activities, and activities in the field of women's rights and environmental issues. According to these statistics, 757 people were arrested for civil activities and participating in protests, 185 people were arrested for political activities, 44 people were arrested for trade union activities, including teachers, media activists and workers, 12 people for involving in religious activities, 39 are environmental activists, and 4 are women's rights activists. Also 73 of the arrested are women and 69 are children.

  According to Hana statistics, in 2023, at least 141 Kurdish citizens were executed or killed in Iranian prisons. The names and details of 131 prisoners have been verified for Hana. In the past year, 10 political prisoners were executed for crimes such as Moharebeh (fighting against God), corrupting on the ears, and acting against the country's security. In the rest of the cases, 60 cases were related to drug-related crimes, 52 cases were executed due to intentional murder, 2 cases were executed for armed robbery and one case was executed for sexual crimes. In the past year, 6 Kurdish prisoners were also murdered in prison due to torture by government agents.
The list of the number of executions in different cities of Kurdistan:

Orumiyeh     27 people  Harsin 11 people krmanshah  9 people
Ilam 9 people Selmas 8 people Kangavar 8 people
Bukan 5 people Mahabad 5 people Ravansar 4 people
Saqqez 4 people Sanandaj 4 people Sardasht 4 people
Shoot 3 people Paveh 2 people Dehgolan 2 people
Marivan 2 people Kamiyaran 2 people Divandareh 1 person
Ivan 1 person Oshnaviyeh 1 person Salas Babajani 1 person
Qorwah 1 person Sarpol Zahab 1 person    

List of prisoners killed due to torture in prison.

Orumiyeh  1 person  Ravansar  1 person  Sardasht 1 person 
Piranshahr  1 person  Harsin 1 person  Bukan  1 person 

It should be remembered that in 2022, 51 people were executed. The number of executions in 2023 has increased by 176% compared to 2022.


According to Hana's statistics, 305 Kurdish Kolbers and traders have been killed and wounded in 2023.
All the killed and injured cases are male.
Out of a total of 305 people, 44 people were killed and 261 people were injured.
The details are as follow: 
22 Kolbers were killed by direct fire from the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. One of the killed was a child.
6 Kolbers were killed in due to natural disasters (cold, freezing, falling from heights). One of them was a child.
4 Kolbers were killed in a car accident 
one Kolber was killed due to the pursuit. 
11 traders were killed by direct fire from the government forces.
227 Kolbers were wounded by direct fire from the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 24 of them were children.
7 Kolbers were injured in car accidents.
6 Kolbers were injured by the beating and torturing by armed forces of Iranian regime.
8 Kolbers injured by natural disasters (cold and frostbite, falling from heights).
6 Kolbers were injured by mine explosion.
3 Kolbers were wounded in Pursuit of Islamic Republic Forces
4 businessmen wounded by direct fire of government forces.
In the past year, a total of 29 children were killed and injured.
The highest number of Kolbers casualties (killed and wounded) in the past year is related to the cities and villages whose names are as follows:

Paveh 28 people,       Baneh 43 people,    Saqqez 78 people,  
Javanrood 27 people,     Salas Babajani 27 people,     Marivan 28 people,
Sanandaj 5 people,    Sardasht 11 people,   Bukan 15 people,
Kermanshah 3 people,    Divandarh 7 people,    Piranshahr 8 people,
Mahabad 2 people,    Ravansar 2 people,    Sarvabad 2 people,
Orumiyeh 1 person,    Sarpol Zahab 1 person,    Chaldaran 1 person,
Kamiyaran 1 person,    Dehgolan 1 person,        

In comparison with 2022, when a total of 260 Kolbers were killed and injured, the intensity of government forces' attacks on Kolbers has increased, so that the number of Kolber casualties in 2023 has increased by 16%.

The number of women arrested in 2023, whose identity has been confirmed for Hana is 73. Most of the arrested women have been arrested for the crime of civil activities and in connection with the Zhina revolution, political activities, and cooperation with the opposition Kurdish parties of the Islamic Republic and trade union activities. In the continuation of the Jina/Mahsa revolution in 2023, a woman was also killed by the repressive forces of the Islamic Republic. In 2023, unfortunately, at least 19 women have been killed by their families, fathers, brothers, and husbands for reasons of honor and family disputes.

  In 2023, especially in the continuation of the people's uprising against the Islamic Republic, 4 children were killed, and 69 children were arrested. During this period, 6 children also committed suicide. Hana Human Rights Organization has received numerous reports of child abuse both in the workplace by the employer against child workers and among families, and the amount and number of reported cases are alarming. Also, the identity of 3 of the children who were killed has been verified for Hana.

Based on the statistics recorded in the Hana Statistics Center, at least 86 people committed suicide in the cities and villages of Kurdistan in 2023. Of these, 33 were female and 53 were male. Most of the suicides were due to family problems and differences as well as livelihood issues. It should be noted that the number of suicides in 2023 has decreased by 54% compared to the previous year.

Social anomalies:
In the past year, 20 people were killed due to honor killings, of which 19 were women and one was a man.

Mine explosion:
Based on the statistics recorded in the Hana Statistics Center, in 2023, at least 20 citizens were killed and injured in the borders of Kurdistan because of the explosion of mines and explosives left over from the Iran-Iraq war, as well as those planted by the border guards of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Out of a total of 20 incidents, 4 people lost their lives, 16 people were injured, of which 2 suffered organ violations. The most victims of these mines have been Kolbers, traders and farmers.

Based on the statistics recorded in the Hana Statistics Center in 2023, at least 53 workers in Kurdistan have died due to work-related accidents and lack of safety at work, and many have been injured. Also, during this period, 29 labor activists have been arrested for the crime of labor and trade union activities, and 15 have been sentenced to prison.

The environment:
In 2023, at least 39 environmental activists have been arrested, 3 of these activists have received prison terms, and 2 were injured while extinguishing the fire in Marivan forests.

 In Prison:
Based on the statistics recorded in the Hana Statistics Center in the past year, 6 Kurdish prisoners died in Iranian prisons due to torture by prison guards and government officials. Also, in the past year, 5 prisoners, including a woman, died due to the lack of medical facilities. In 2023, two prisoners committed suicide due to mental and physical pressure in the prison and lost their lives. Also, in the past year, 27 cases of hunger strike by prisoners have been reported and registered by Hana.

Clergymen and religious activists:
In the past year, 12 clerics and religious activists were arrested. 10 of these people were tried by the special court of clerics and judgments were issued against them as follows.
These 10 people were sentenced to a total of 38 years in prison, 3 of them were sentenced to 74 lashes each, and two of them were sentenced to exile and disrobing.

Hana Human Rights Organization
January 1, 2024
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