Nasim Namazi's death sentence was executed in Orumiyeh prison

09:14 - 29/12/2023

Nasim Namazi's death sentence was executed in Orumiyeh prison

According to the reports received by Hana's colleagues; On the Friday morning, December 29, 2023, the death sentence of Nasim Namazi, who was previously arrested and sentenced for espionage for the Mossad, was executed in Orumiyeh prison.

According to this report, Nasim Namazi along with three Kurdish prisoners "Aram Omari Bardiani, Wafa Hanare and Rahman Parhazo" from the same cases were transferred to the solitary cell of Orumiyeh Prison on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, to execute the death sentence.

According to reports received, the third branch of the Orumiyeh Revolutionary Court in February 2023, headed by Judge "Najafzadeh" Aran Omari, Rahman Parhazo, Nasim Namazi and Mansour Rasouli, were sentenced to death on charges of spying for Israel and Amir Mushtaq Gangchin, Fakhreddin Dodkanloi Milan and Ashkan Osman Nejad Gandok" were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment each for the same charge.
These people, along with a number of others, were arrested by the security forces in November 2021 on charges including espionage and were transferred to the political ward of Orumiyeh prison on March 2022.

In May 2022, an audio file was published in the media along with a photo of a person who was claimed to be a member of the Quds Force of the IRGC, as his statements during the interrogation conducted by the Israeli forces in Iran.
The name of the person whose statements were broadcast was called "Mansoor Rasouli", a resident of Orumiyeh. A person who shortly after published another video, introduced himself as a civilian and a farmer living in the northwest of the country and claimed that he was kidnapped and forced to make false statements under pressure.
About three weeks later, in an official announcement, the Revolutionary Guards announced the arrest of those who, in connection with Israel, engaged in kidnapping and obtaining false confessions.
On Sunday at the beginning of June, the IRGC General Public Relations announced that the members of a network of thugs and mobs related to the intelligence service of the Zionist regime (Israel) were arrested by the Intelligence Ministry of the IRGC.