An open letter to Ms. Nada Al-Nashif, representative of the UN Human Rights Commissioner

10:10 - 27/1/2024

An open letter to Ms. Nada Al-Nashif,  representative of the UN Human Rights Commissioner

Ms. Nada Al-Nashif, the honorable representative of the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner, expeditions to Tehran


We are the mothers of four Kurdish prisoners sentenced to death. After 18 months of disappearance and forced confession under torture, our children were sentenced to death in an illegal and extra-judicial process and in a fast, non-transparent and unfair procedure, based on baseless accusations and based on the creation of a case by the security agencies, and there is a fear that they be executed any minutes.  All this time, our children have been deprived of the right to have a designated lawyer, visitation rights and other basic rights of prisoners, and now in dark cells they count the final hours of their lives.

We ask you, as the representative of the commissionerate, to use all your efforts in all ways so that the process of execution of our children and other people sentenced to death in Iran is stopped immediately and the necessary executive guarantees are created to stop this systematic killing. We expect you, in the upcoming trip, to put pressure on the authorities of the Islamic Republic in order to obtain the right to meet with the family, the right to have an appointed lawyer, and to re-examine the case and hold proceedings in a fair, public and impartial court.

Also, as worried mothers who have no choice or refuge, we request you: in your trip to Tehran, set aside time to meet with us, the petitioning mothers, so that you can be closely informed about the history and details of our children's case.

With respect
Afsane Yousefi, mother of Pejman Fatehi
Gohar Chashnigar, mother of Wafa Azarbar
Badieh Sharifpour, mother of Mohammad Faramarzi
Mahbube Nalbandian, mother of Mohsen Mazloum

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