302 Kolbers were killed and wounded in 2023

05:47 - 2/1/2024

302 Kolbers were killed and wounded in 2023

Kolbers casualty statistics in 2023

Hana: At the end of this year, Hana human rights organization's statistics center presents the data and statistics recorded in the organization's statistics center related to human rights incidents and events in the provinces of Kermanshah, Ilam, Kurdistan and Orumiyeh (West Azerbaijan). These statistics have been prepared with the utmost efforts of Hana's colleagues, and due to the existence of censorship in Iran, it cannot cover all the incidents.
In this section, Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center presents the statistics of the casualty of Kolbers and Kurdish traders in 2023 in different regions of Kurdistan provinces that have been registered in this statistics center.
According to these statistics, in 2023, a total of 302 Kolbers were killed and injured during carrying load at the border.
All the killed and injured cases are male.
Out of a total of 302 people, 33 people were killed and 269 people were injured, which are:
Kolbers - Killed - 22 people were killed by direct fire from the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. One of the killed was a child.
Kolbers - killed - natural accidents (cold, freezing, falling from heights) 6 people. One of them was a child
Kolbers - Killed - car accident: 4 people in a car accident
Kolber was killed due to the pursuit and chase 1 person
Kolbers - Wounded - 239 people were directly shot by the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 24 of them were children.
Kolbers - Injured - car accident: 7 people wounded due to car accident
Kolbers - Wounded - beaten: 6 people were beaten by the armed forces
Kolbers - injured - natural accidents (cold and freezing, falling from heights) 8 people
Kolbers - Injured - Mine explosion: 6 people
Kolbers - wounded -chased:  3 people chased by the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran
In the past year, a total of 29 children were killed and injured
The highest number of casualties (killed and wounded) of Kolbers in the past year is related to the cities and villages whose names are as follows:
Saqqez, 77 people
Baneh:  42 people
Paveh 28 people
Marivan 28 people
Salas Babajani 27 people
Javanrood 27 people
Bukan 15 people
Sardasht 11 people
Piranshahr 8 people
Divandareh 7 people
Sanandaj 5 people
Kermanshah 3 people
2 people each in Sarvabad, Mahabad, Ravansar
Compared to 2022, when a total of 260 Kolbers were killed and wounded, the intensity of the government forces' attack on Kolbers has increased so that the number of Kolber casualties in 2023 has increased by 16%.

Kolbari is a phenomenon resulting from systematic poverty and unemployment in Kurdistan, and people take refuge in Kolbari out of necessity, while the government officials do not make any effort to solve the livelihood problems of the people of Kurdistan, but they have also made the killing of Kolbaran a regular news and this call It is dangerous for the people of Kurdistan. The police forces, the IRGC and border guards of the Islamic Republic shoot directly at Kolubran and kill or injure a number of them daily.
Hana Human Rights Organization
December 31, 2023
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