Human Rights Organizations Call for General Strike - 'No to Execution!'"

06:57 - 31/1/2024

Human Rights Organizations Call for General Strike - 'No to Execution!'"

The wave of executions in Kurdistan has escalated, with the oppressive machinery of the Islamic Republic of Iran ruthlessly claiming the lives of the region's youth. The joint statement emphasizes the use of brute force to suppress the people of Kurdistan and stifle freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, four Kurdish political prisoners were executed this morning, and the death sentences of six other Kurdish political and religious prisoners were upheld in the Supreme Court, raising concerns about potential imminent executions in the coming days.

As a collective of activists and human rights organizations, we call upon all segments of Kurdistan society to express their protest against this inhumane and anti-human rights process by participating in a nationwide strike on Tuesday of this week.

The objective of this strike extends beyond opposing executions; it aims to bring national and international attention to the dire human rights situation in Kurdistan and advocate for an end to the death sentence.

We extend an invitation to all political parties in Kurdistan, civil organizations, human rights institutions, and conscientious individuals worldwide to lend their support to this strike and declaration. Let us together be the voice of the people of Kurdistan in the ongoing struggle.

Monday, January 29, 2024

WorldKurd Organization
Hana Human Rights Organization
Hengaw Organization for Human Rights
Kurdpa Human Rights Organization
Campaign to defend four Kurdish political prisoners
Kurdistan Tribunal
Zagros Human Rights Center

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