Protest strike reports from Kurdistan against the death sentence for four political prisoners

08:59 - 1/2/2024

Protest strike reports from Kurdistan against the death sentence for four political prisoners

On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, in protest of the death sentence of Pejman Fatehi, Mohammad Faramarzi, Vafa Azarbar and Mohsen Mazloum, 7 Human Rights Organizations of Kurdistan, some civil organizations and a group of political parties of Kurdistan called for a strike in Kurdistan. And then some popular and artistic personalities of Kurdistan supported this call.

Following this call, a widespread, comprehensive and unprecedented strike was held in the major cities of Kurdistan in protest of the death sentence of four Kurdish political prisoners.
Among the cities that participated in these strikes are "Sanandaj, Mahabad, Bukan, Saqqez, Divandareh, Dehgolan, Marivan, Qorwah, Ravansar, Sarovabad and to some extent Kermanshah and Orumiyeh. In some places, these strikes also reached villages and small towns in the districts.

The strikes were held in Kurdistan while the security forces militarized all the cities and warned the shopkeepers on the evening of Monday, January 29, 2024, that they should not participate in the strikes the next day.
Also, on the same day, Nesvan Ward of Evin Prison and Ward 4 of Qazalhasar Prison in Karaj also announced their protest against the execution of these four Kurdish prisoners with a hunger strike.
Also, on Saturday night, in Saleh Abad neighborhood of Saqqez, people were planning to start protest movements by lighting a fire, which was met with a quick response by the military, security and fire brigade forces.
At the same time as the strikes, although the security forces of the Islamic Republic refused to hand over the bodies of these four martyred prisoners, the funeral ceremony for Vafa Azarbar, Pejman Fatehi and Mohsen Mazloum was held at their birthplace in the presence of a large number of Kurdish people, but the security forces in Dehgolan did not allowed  this ceremony to be held by the family of Mohammad Fararazi. Today, Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the security forces also prevented Mohammad Faramarezi's funeral.

These prisoners, who were members of the Komala Party of iranian Kurdistan, were arrested in July 2022 and after 17 months their death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran. These four prisoners were detained without a fair trial and forced confessions were obtained from them under torture. and during the period of detention, they were denied any contact with their families or lawyers. While these four prisoners were arrested without weapons in the Soma district of Orumiyeh, and the people of the region also testify in this case, but the Islamic Republic of Iran accused them of collaborating with the Mossad in order to detonate ammunition in Isfahan. Finally they were executed on January 29, 2024, in Qazalhisar prison in Karaj.

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