141 Kurdish citizens were executed in Iranian prisons in 2023

06:01 - 5/1/2024

141 Kurdish citizens were executed in Iranian prisons in 2023

Statistics of the execution of Kurdish citizens in 2023

Hana: At the end of this year (2023), Hana human rights organization's statistics center presents the data and statistics recorded in the organization's statistics center related to human rights incidents and events in the provinces of Kermanshah, Ilam, Kurdistan and Orumiyeh (West Azerbaijan). These statistics have been prepared with the utmost efforts of Hana's colleagues, and due to the existence of censorship in Iran, it cannot cover all events.
In this section, Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center presents the statistics of executions of Kurdish citizens in 2023 in different regions of Kurdistan provinces that have been registered in this statistics center.
According to these statistics, in 2023, a total of 141 Kurdish citizens have been executed in Iran's prisons. The names and details of 131 of these citizens have been verified and registered by Hana. The details of the crimes brought forward by the Islamic Republic are as follows:
Execution of 60 people due to drug-related crimes
Execution 52 people due to crimes related to intentional murder. 
Execution of 10 people due to Moharebeh (war against god)  and political crimes
Execution of 2 people due to crimes related to armed robbery
Execution of 1 person due to crimes related to sextual issues and rape 
Also 6 people were killed under torture by prison officers
The most executed citizens belong to the following cities:

Orumiyeh 27 people Hersin 11 people
Kermanshah 9 people Ilam 9 people
Selmas 8 people Kangavar 8 people
Bukan 5 people Mahabad 5 people
Ravansar 4 people Saqqez 4 people
Sanandaj 4 people Sardasht 4 people
Shoot 3 people Pavah 2 people
Dehgolan 2 people Sahneh 2 people
Marivan 2 people Kamyaran 2 people
The rest of cities 1 person each    

List of prisoners killed by torture:

Orumiyeh  one person  Rawansar one person 
Sardasht one person  Piranshahr one person 
Harsin one person  Bukan one person 

Compared to 2022, when a total of 51 people were executed, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran took more action against Kurdish prisoners, and according to these statistics, the number of executions in 2023 increased by 176%.

Hana Human Rights Organization
December 31, 2023
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