Uncertainty regarding the fate of four Kurdish political prisoners held for 507 days

08:56 - 13/12/2023

Uncertainty regarding the fate of four Kurdish political prisoners held for 507 days

More than 507 days have passed since the arrest of four Kurdish political prisoners named "Wafa Azarbar, Pejman Fatehi, Mohammad Faramarzi and Mohsen Mazloum", but until now there is no information about their fate and whereabouts.

The identity of these four political activists is as follows
 Pejman Fatehi, 29, from Kamyaran,
Wafa Azarbar, 27, from Bukan,
Mohsen Mazloum, 28, from Mahabad, and Mohammad (Hejir) Faramarzi, 29, from Dehgolan.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has published the video of their forced confessions twice on " October 12, and December 5, 2022" and claimed in this film that they "intended to explode in one of the sensitive defense industries in Isfahan", which these claims were denied by the family of the mentioned persons and international human rights organizations have announced that these four people were forced to tell such scenarios under physical and mental torture.
In this regard, Amnesty International also expressed its concern about the ambiguous fate of these four political activists in a letter to the head of the judiciary.
Now, the enforced disappearance of these political prisoners has entered its 17th month and the families of the detainees have no information about the status of these political activists despite continuous follow-up.

It should be noted that during the period of 17 months, in addition to the families, their lawyer, who was following up on the situation of these four political prisoners, has not received any information or response because the Ministry of Information did not allow the lawyer access to the file of these four political activists.

  Hana Human Rights Organization has expressed its deep concern regarding the case of these four political activists and we believe that the proceedings of these four political activists should be carried out according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with the strict supervision of international assemblies and human rights institutions. Humanely, the detainees have access to their chosen lawyer, they have full access to medical and treatment facilities, the families of the arrested can meet the detainees as soon as possible.
According to Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "No one shall be subjected to torture or cruel or inhuman treatment, or to any treatment that degrades his human status."
It is also stated in Article 10 of this declaration: "Every human being deserves full and equal access to an open and fair trial by an impartial and independent court to deal with his rights and duties against any criminal charges against him.
In accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Prohibition of Torture, any intentional act that causes severe harm or physical or mental pain and is intended to obtain information or confessions from the victim or relatives and friends is considered torture and any confession under these circumstances is invalid.
Currently, the Islamic Republic is making security cases for a wide range of detainees, including teachers' union activists, political opponents of the Islamic Republic, Kolbars, women protesting compulsory hijab, families of Aban's supporters, and even foreign citizens, bringing false accusations, including contact with foreign intelligence services, and making scenarios for each of them and forcing them to make televised confessions.
 Hana Human Rights Organization calls on all human rights defenders to condemn these security cases and scenarios and forced confessions against political prisoners and civil activists, and in this particular case the four arrested members of  Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan. At the same time, oblige the Islamic Republic to comply with the internationally recognized human rights covenants.

Hana Human Rights Organization
December 12, 2023

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