Statistics of human rights situation in October 2023, in Iranian Kurdistan

08:22 - 4/11/2023

Statistics of human rights situation in October 2023, in Iranian Kurdistan

Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center has prepared and published a statistical report on the human rights situation and violations of the fundamental rights of Kurdish citizens in October 2023 in Iranian Kurdistan.

Based on the statistics registered in the Statistics Center of the Hana Human Rights Organization, in October 2023, at least 37 Kurdish citizens were summoned and arrested, 22 Kolbers and businessmen were killed and wounded, 3 Kurdish citizens were executed, 7 workers while working, had a work accident and died, at least 7 people committed suicide, 4 women were killed for reasons of honor, 2 citizens were killed by government forces, and a landmine took the life of one citizen.
In October 2023, at least 37 Kurdish citizens were summoned and detained by the Islamic Republic of Iran's security institutions arbitrarily and without any arrest warrant from the court.
The identity of all these Kolbers have been verified by Hana Human Rights Organization, and most of them have been arrested on charges of political and civil activities, cooperation with Kurdish opposition parties and environmental activities. Based on these statistics, six of the detainees have been sentenced to a total of 137 months in prison. In October, a Kurdish citizen was also sentenced to death.
In this month, 3 people were executed whose crimes were declared related to drugs, it should be noted that one of the executed is the third child of a family to be executed by the Islamic Republic.
  Businessmen and Kolbers
Based on Hana's statistics, in October 2023, a total of 22 Kolbers and businessmen were killed and injured. Of these, 2 Kolbers and 2 businessmen, a total of 4 people were killed by government forces with direct fire and at least 18 Kolbers were wounded. All Kolbers were wounded by direct fire of government military forces. It is necessary to remind that one of the injured Kolbers is in a coma.
In October 2023, 17-year-old Kurdish girl Armita Ground died on October 28 after 28 days in a coma. In this month, 4 women were killed by family members for reasons of honor, and 4 women committed suicide in October.
In this month, at least 7 people committed suicide in the cities and villages of Kurdistan. Among the suicides, 4 were women and 3 were men. One of the cases of suicide was a soldier who committed suicide in the barracks. Most of these suicides were due to family problems and some were due to unknown reasons. .
In October 2023, seven workers died as a result of a work accident, and two activists were sentenced to a total of 41 months in prison and 34 million fines.
And finally, in October 2023, a mine planted by the institutions of the Islamic Republic took the life of a Kurdish citizen.
Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization
2, November 2023
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