8 Kolbers were injured by border regiment troops In Nosud

07:07 - 7/8/2023

8 Kolbers were injured by border regiment troops In Nosud

According to the reports received by the colleagues of Hana human rights organization: on the evening of Sunday, August 6, 2023, more than 8 Kolbers were shot by the forces of the border regiment in the border zone of Nosud and were seriously injured.

Hana's colleagues identified seven of these people as "Ihsan Rasouli" from Paveh, "Nima Azami" son of Farhad from Salas Babajani, Salam Veysi, Milad Bazani, Hoshiar Bazani, Omid Veysi and Farshad (family unknown).
In a conversation with Hana, an informed source added that these Kolbers were ambushed by the forces of the Border Regiment while they were crossing the border of Nosud and were the target of direct fire from these forces and were seriously injured.
Also, this informed source added that following this shooting, Nima Azami from the stomach and thigh area and Ehsan Rasouli from the chest area were seriously injured.
He also added that other Kolbers were injured in the hands and feet and were taken to Quds Paveh Hospital for medical treatment.
It should be noted that the identity of two of these Kolbers has not been ascertained for Hana.

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