Two prisoners were executed in Orumieh's central prison

06:28 - 10/6/2023

Two prisoners were executed in Orumieh's central prison

Hana: On the morning of Friday, June 9, 2023, two prisoners were executed in Orumieh Central Prison.

Hana's colleagues identified the two prisoners as Jafar Mohammadpour, 43, son of Mohammad from Sardasht and Ghobad Farhadi from Kermanshah.
According to received reports; These two prisoners were previously arrested on the charge of crimes related to "narcotic drugs" and sentenced to death by the judiciary of the Islamic Republic.

In fact, execution is a crime that is done knowingly, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran applies execution as a lever of control and pressure in the society and kills citizens in various ways.
It should be mentioned; Now in Iran, not only many prisoners and children are in danger of death, but also ordinary people are not safe from the adventures of the police forces and Basij of Iran; Unprovoked executions, hasty executions, street executions, and the deaths of detainees due to torture are intensifying day by day in Iran.