Erbil; Terrorist attack on a political activist from Iranian Kurdistan

08:38 - 6/6/2022

Erbil; Terrorist attack on a political activist from Iranian Kurdistan

According to a report received from Hana's colleagues, a political activist affiliated with The Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan Struggle, usually called Khabat، was attacked by terrorists in the city of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan-Iraq region, on Monday, June 6, 2022.


In an interview with Hannah Human Rights Organization, an official of the Khabbat Organization stated that Akbar Sanjabi was born in 1973, from Sarpol-e Zahab, who was a member of the Khabat Organization for 12 years and resided in the Kurdistan Region because of his political activism. Around 11:00 AM on Monday in the Saha-e-Taqan area, 50 meters from the diplomatic headquarters of the Khabbat Organization, he was the target of a terrorist attack through a bomb and he is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

Following this conversation with the 
Hana human rights organization, it was stated; Currently, security officials of the Khabat and the Kurdistan Region are investigating how this happened.

So far, officials of the Khabat organization, including its leader Babashikh Hosseini, have been attacked several times by terrorists.
It should be noted that in recent years Iran, through the Quds Force and its diplomats, has routinely carried out assassination operations, kidnapping operations, and surveillance activities, both of which facilitate the assassination of opposition political activists. The fact that hundreds of political activists in Iran and Kurdistan have fallen victim to the assassination policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most recent assassinations of Musa Babakhani and Behrouz Rahimi in Kurdistan last year.