Government chemical attacks on schools continue

07:15 - 12/4/2023

Government chemical attacks on schools continue

Hana; On Tuesday, April 11, 2023, at least 31 schools, high schools, and universities were subjected to chemical attacks by the government of the Islamic Republic, as follows:

1- Tabriz Islamic Revolution Girls' School
2- Farzangan Girls' High School in Urmia
3- Khadijah Kobri Oshnaviyah High School for Girls
4- Amirkabir Shahinshahr Boys' School
5- Shahinshahr Manouchehr Ansari Girls' School
6- Al-Yasin Girls' Conservatory, Shahinshahr
7- Hekmat Shahinshahr Girls' School
8- Hazrat Masoumeh Shahinshahr Girls' School
9- Hazrat Maryam Shahinshahr Girls' School
10- Tolo Shahinshahr girls' school
11- Mullah Sadra Shahinshahr Girls' School
12- Mohammad Nasri Girls' School in Shahinshahr
13- Masoud Bagheri girls' school in Shahinshahr
14- Payam Noor Shahinshahr University
15- Non-profit high school for girls, Shayan, Isfahan
16- Kamali Dehghan Karaj Girls' School
17- Hazrat Zeinab Bandar Gonaveh High School for Girls
18- Atrat Girls' School, Bandar Gonaveh
19- Bandar Gonaveh Hijab School for Girls
20- Atiye Sazan Girls' School, Tehran
21- Mahdavi Primary School in Zanjan
22- 17 Shahrivar Kamiyaran Girls' School
23- Fatima Zahra Kamiyaran Girls' School
24- Fahmideh Kamiyaran Girls' School
25- Maryam Kermanshah Government Model School for Girls
26- Kermanshah Scholars Girls School
27- Shima Moradi Girls' High School, Kermanshah
28- Ahmadieh Borujard Girls' School
29- Kamiyaran Eifat school
30- Kamiyaran Lala School
31- 22 Bahman Primary School, Marivan

According to the received report, students at Shayan Girls' School in Isfahan say: "Two ambulances were sent to this school, but none of them had oxygen masks and several students fainted."

Witnesses and parents of students of Ansari Girls' School in Shahinshahr also say that this school was "chemically attacked" and "the door was locked and the poisoned were not allowed to leave."

It is also reported from the city of Kamiyaran in Kurdistan province that 12 female students of Shahid Fahmideh Primary School of this city have now been transferred to the Sina Hospital of this city.

The city of Kermanshah, which witnessed the poisoning of students at Siavash Special High School for Girls on Tuesday, had experienced the poisoning of students at Masoumeh Girls' School in this city a day earlier.

07:39 - 12/4/2023 Updated.