Statistics of human rights violations in February 2023, in Iranian Kurdistan

07:05 - 3/3/2023

Statistics of human rights violations in February 2023, in Iranian Kurdistan

Hana: Hana human rights organization statistical center publishes its statistical report on the human rights situation and the violation of fundamental rights of Kurdish citizens in February 2023 in Iranian Kurdistan. Due to the lack of free access to news and events inside the country, these statistics cannot include all violations of citizens' rights, but all the efforts of Hana's human rights colleagues inside the country are in order to be extremely careful in the insertion of news and fact-checking of the published cases.

Based on the statistics registered in the statistical center of Hana Human Rights Organization, at least 86 Kurdish citizens have been arrested in the past month, 11 people have been executed this month, 14 Kolbers have been killed and wounded, at least 8 people have committed suicide and one A person died as a result of a mine explosion.
In February 2023, at least 86 Kurdish citizens were arrested by the Islamic Republic of Iran's security institutions arbitrarily and without any arrest warrant issued by the court.
The identity of all these people has been verified by Hana Human Rights Organization, and most of them have been arrested on charges of political activity, participation in demonstrations, cooperation with Kurdish opposition parties of the Islamic Republic, and civil activities. According to these statistics, 3 of the arrested are women and 4 are children and teenagers under 18 years old.

Referring to Hana statistics, in February 2023, a Kurdish citizen named Arash (Sarkot) Ahmadi was executed in Dizilabad prison of Kermanshah on charges of Moharbah. In this month, 10 more Kurdish citizens were executed in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of which 7 people were executed on charges of intentional murder, 2 people were executed on charges of armed robbery and one person was executed in connection with drug-related crimes.
In February 2023, 4 children were arrested by government forces
: Kolbers
Based on Hana's statistics, in February 2023, 14 Kolbers were killed and wounded. Out of this number, 2 Kolbers were killed due to a traffic accident caused by the chase by the government forces and one person was killed by the direct shooting of the regime forces. 11 Kolbers were injured, 5 Kolbers were injured by direct fire of regime forces and 6 Kolbers were injured due to a driving accident.

Based on the statistics recorded in the Hana statistics center, 8 people committed suicide in the cities and villages of Kurdistan in February. 3 of these people were women and 5 were men. One of the people who committed suicide was a prisoner in Urmia prison and committed suicide due to mental pressure caused by the violent treatment of prison guards. The rest of the suicides were due to livelihood reasons and family disputes.

Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization
March 1, 2023
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