Amnesty International: Four Kurdish political prisoners are in serious danger

09:09 - 25/2/2023

Amnesty International: Four Kurdish political prisoners are in serious danger

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Amnesty International expressed concern by publishing a notice regarding the 7-month disappearance of four political prisoners: Pejman Fatehi, Mohammad Faramarzi, Mohsen Mazloum, and Wafa Azarbar.

In this connection, in an open letter to GholamHossein Mohseni Ejei, head of the Islamic Republic's judiciary, he called for urgent measures by government agencies to end the mistreatment and torture against these four political prisoners and unfair trials in which forced "confessions are used as evidence. Attributing the accusations against them in the state media are crimes punishable by the death penalty.

In continuation of this open letter, referring to the contradictory statements of the security institutions regarding the accusations and how these people were arrested, Amnesty International asked the head of the judiciary to immediately reveal the fate and whereabouts of Pejman Fatehi, Wafa Azarbar, Mohsen Mazloum and Mohammad Faramarzi. do; These four political activists and their families have the right to have a lawyer of their choice, their trial process should be in accordance with international fair trial; Torture and other ill-treatment against them should be stopped and they should receive adequate health care if needed.
Referring to the seven-month forced disappearance of Pejman Fatehi, Mohammad Faramarzi, Mohsen Mazloum and Wafa Azarbar, Amnesty International wrote: Detainees have been deprived of the most basic rights of a prisoner since day one.
In another part of Amnesty International's announcement, it is stated: A lawyer that the families have at their disposal tried to find out about the whereabouts of these four political activists by investigating the detainees, that the centers and courts of Urmia, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Isfahan and Tehran He refused to answer it, and in many cases the agents of the Ministry of Information have warned the families not to investigate further about these four political activists "because it is futile and they face execution."