June 5 is World Environment Day

09:10 - 5/6/2021

June 5 is World Environment Day

The purpose of naming and determining the day of the environment is to raise awareness of the public for the maintenance and protection of the environment,

as well as to provoke politicians to make decisions to deal with environmental degradation and animal biodiversity. But in Iran, and especially Kurdistan, the government has witnessed the government's neglect and destruction of the environment through monopolization, indiscriminate and unscientific dams, extensive fires, and lack of investigation and provision of facilities to extinguish fires, allowing the import of submerged waters into rivers, lakes, wetlands and wetlands, non-segregation of urban and industrial leftovers, while detaining activists and preventing the activities of pro-NGOs. The environment and lack of proper education have caused irreparable damage to the forests, seas and rangelands of Kurdistan.

It is the right of all human beings on earth to enjoy safe air, clean water and adequate food. For this right, we must work in a comprised way to combat the perpetrators of environmental degradation.

Hana Human Rights Organization