The business of death

01:09 - 8/1/2023

The business of death

By; Shorsh Mohi

Perhaps most people in Iran and the world have read about the Mongol attack and his destruction and murder. Genghis was very fond of cutting off heads and gouging out eyes and hanging them on himself and their horses because he thought by doing this he would be out of his enemy's sight.

Until then, we considered it a legend in the ancient history of Iran. With the advent of the Internet and the opening of the big virtual world, the painful facts of murder, and inhumane acts in the countries of China, North Korea, the former Soviet Union, and countries ruled by autocratic and dictatorial regimes were revealed to the world.

According to undocumented reports from human rights organizations, China and North Korea play a huge role in the trade of human organs around the world.

Most of these organs are supplied to customers who request them from the bodies of people who have been sentenced to death. According to another story, prisoners sentenced to death are waiting for the buyers of their organs for the moment of death.

Although the governments of China and Korea rejected this issue, but what was said and heard is proof of the truth for everyone.

At the beginning of the 1978 Iranian revolution and the wave of arrests and executions of opponents by the forces of the Islamic Republic, the burial of the victims' bodies in secret or the burning of the bodies of the executed with acid and lime in their graves created the thought in the public opinion that why the bodies of the executed were open from the navel to the heart and It has been stitched. According to the reports obtained from the families of the victims who managed to see the body, this was proven.
Following up the victims' families from judicial institutions about the stitches on the victims' bodies, judicial authorities described the autopsy and confirmation of the time of death as the reason for opening the victims' chests and stomachs. 
On September 9, 2022, a young man named Shwane Seyyed Qadir was arrested and after a few days his tortured and lifeless body was handed over to his family. According to the photos and the statements of the eyewitnesses, his head and skull were swollen, his eyes were empty, pieces of a glass bottle were removed from his anus, and his stomach was stitched from the navel to the neck. At that time, due to the lack of information and the pressure of the security agencies, the matter was not followed up for the quick burial of the body.

After a few years, we can see that most of the executed people are either buried secretly after the execution or are handed over to the family and buried in a shroud. In the investigations of the executioners of these many years, no trace of the rope was found on their necks, and their chests all have several-day stitches, and this points to the depth of the disaster, that is, the removal of the vital organs of the accused. There may be no evidence for this claim, but if there is a global campaign to dig up the graves of the victims, perhaps the crime against humanity in the Islamic Republic of Iran will be more obvious to everyone. In these special cases, justice cannot be left to the future, but the depth of the disaster must be revealed with the help of all international organizations.


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