10 Kurdish workers die while working

12:50 - 3/8/2021

10 Kurdish workers die while working

Statistics of workers killed while working in July 2021

Hana: The Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization collects data and statistics related to different parts of Iranian Kurdistan at the end of each month. This statistic is not all cases and modes occurring, but it is all the efforts of Hana's colleagues.

In this section, the statistics presented in relation to the death of Kurdish workers at work and while working in different parts of Kurdistan provinces are presented as of July 1, 2021. 
In July, 2021, ten workers were killed on the job, most of them due to throwing and falling from a height, all of whom were male victims. 
In terms of provincial segregation, 5 cases occurred in Sanandaj province, 4 cases in Kermanshah province, and 1 cases in Ilam province. Of the ten cases, one occurred in Tehran and one in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Lack of proper supervision of officials on the way of work and the security situation of workers as well as the irresponsibility of employers is one of the main reasons for the lack of job security and this situation has made Iran ranked 102nd in the world in terms of labor security and a very unsafe country for workers. 
Hannah Human Rights Organization
 August, 2021


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