Statistics of detainees in the month of May,2021 in Kurdistan

10:09 - 4/6/2021

Statistics of detainees in the month of May,2021 in Kurdistan

22 Detention in the provinces of Kurdistan of Iran by the security institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Every year, a large number of our compatriots in the cities and villages of Iranian Kurdistan in all four provinces, are detained by the military, law enforcement and security forces for various reasons and excuses, and are detained for long periods outside international custom and law, without having their cases heard in a court of law with a lawyer. Here, with the efforts of the colleagues of the Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization, a statistic of the number of detainees has been prepared in the month of (May). It should be noted that this statistic was the last effort of Hana colleagues in the country, but it is possible. That the statistics are more than this number. The number of arrests based on the type of activity is as follows: 8 people charged with political activity, 10 People charged with civil and social activity, one Person in the field of environmental activity, 3 People in the field of labor Also out of 22 people arrested this month, based on Gender: 20 male detainees and 2 female detainees. Based on the provincial breakdown, the number of detainees in May 2021 provided by the Hana organization;  3 people in Uromiah province, 14 people in Sanandaj province, 3 people in Kermanshah province, and 2 people in Ilam province.


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