Khorramabad: A Kurdish Soldier's Suicide Results in Death

07:49 - 8/7/2024

Khorramabad: A Kurdish Soldier's Suicide Results in Death

According to reports received by the Hana Human Rights Organization, on the morning of Thursday, July 4, 2024, a Kurdish soldier identified as "Barzan Khaledi," the son of Ahmad and Golchin from Baneh County, committed suicide for unknown reasons while undergoing mandatory military service at the Law Enforcement Forces headquarters in the city of Khorramabad, ending his life.

Mandatory military service in the Islamic Republic of Iran is required for men over the age of 18. Without a military service completion card, citizens are deprived of basic facilities and documents, including passports, business licenses, or employment in government offices.

Given the unstable economic situation, lack of jobs and job security, low level of social welfare, and lack of hope for the future, numerous psychological problems have intertwined within society. As a result, we witness daily collective protests, civil disobedience, and, notably, suicides in Kurdistan and other cities within Iran.