Cutting more than 200, 30-year-old trees by natural resources in Orumiyeh

10:41 - 18/12/2023

Cutting more than 200, 30-year-old trees by natural resources in Orumiyeh

According to Hana's colleagues, on Thursday, December 14, 2023, the Natural Resources Department in Orumiyeh, in Balajoq village, cut down more than 200, 30-35-year-old fruit trees.

It should be remembered that the Department of Natural Resources has cut more than 1000 fruit trees of 10, 20, 30-50 years old this year for various reasons.

Unfortunately, the ever increasing economic pressures, out of control inflation, poverty and unemployment and lack of public awareness of this rare treasure have caused a terrible influx of ignorant and generally unemployed people who inevitably go to the nature and trees of Kurdistan and destroy these trees due to unemployment for a little money to fill the empty table of the people and the government's interest is to systematically destroy the forest and pastures of Kurdistan and as a result destroy Kurdistan.
If the government provides the environment for business, we will not witness environmental crimes.
The people of Kurdistan should be aware not to pave the way for government profiteers in this field and choose a better way to earn money.
Because farms and crops have many benefits, unfortunately, the current government in Iran does not take any responsibility for them, and this will not only stop the progress of the youth, but will cause irreparable damage to the environment.
On the other hand, successive cutting of trees causes a sharp decrease in rainfall in that area, and by repeating this action, we face successive losses, and this is a warning for the environment and geography of Kurdistan.