Orumieh: Death of a Construction Worker Due to Fall from Height

09:59 - 21/6/2024

Orumieh: Death of a Construction Worker Due to Fall from Height

According to reports received by the Hana Human Rights Organization, on the afternoon of Thursday, June 20, 2024, a construction worker named Akbar Mahmoudi, son of Hassan and a resident of the village of Quni in the Somay Baradust region of Orumieh, died after falling from a height while working on a building located on Mafi Street in this city.

Akbar Mahmoudi was married and the father of two children.

It is worth noting that in the past eight days, at least five workers have lost their lives in various cities of Iranian Kurdistan and one worker from Bukan in the Kurdistan Region due to workplace accidents.

The lack of proper supervision by officials over work practices and the safety conditions of workers, along with the irresponsibility of employers, are among the main causes of the lack of workplace safety in Iran. This situation has resulted in Iran ranking 102nd in the world in terms of workplace safety, making it a very unsafe country for workers.

Despite the current conditions for workers, anti-labor laws and the support of authorities for employers have resulted in workers having no right to protest the lack of workplace safety.