A report on the situation of political prisoner Soheila Hijab Bidsorkhi

07:01 - 30/3/2023

A report on the situation of political prisoner Soheila Hijab Bidsorkhi

Hana Human Rights Organization, on Saturday March 28, 2023, has prepared a report on the situation of the Kurdish political prisoner Soheila Hijab Bidsorkhi as follows:

A political prisoner with the identity of "Soheila Hijab Bidsorkhi", 33 years old, a lawyer and defender of human rights and a native of Kermanshah, was charged by Branch 28 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court headed by Judge "Moghise" with charges such as "propaganda against the regime", "community and collusion", "Disruption of public order through riots and bandit" "forming a group to defend women's rights" and "requesting a referendum and changing the constitution" has been sentenced to 18 years in prison, which can be enforced for 5 years by applying Article 134 of the Law of the Islamic Republic.

On Saturday March 14, 2020, Soheila Hijab was temporarily released from Evin prison by posting a heavy bail of 3 billion tomans.

It should be noted that she was arrested in Shiraz on Monday "January 7, 2019", and after due process, she was sentenced to two years imprisonment, which was pardoned after five months in Adelabad Prison in Shiraz, and was re-arrested by government forces on Sunday ,March 26, 2019, and transferred to Evin Prison.

It is worth noting that Soheila Hijab published an audio file from inside the prison, explaining that the officers beat her and grabbed her hair on the asphalt of the street and, after beating her, arrested her in a bloody face without shoes or socks and transferred her to Qarchak prison. 
In addition to threatening to physically remove her, she said, she was threatened by the interrogator, who would add a charge of possession of weapons to her case if she did not fall short of her positions.

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, she went on a hunger strike again to protest "the lack of the right to medical leave," having suffered from a severe drop in blood pressure, while she suffered from stomach and kidney problems.

On Monday, March 28, 2022, she was severely beaten by the prison officers in the women's reform ward of the Islamic Republic of Iran Prison in Kermanshah.