Mehdi (Alan) Hamidi Hedayat, civil activist managed to scape Iran

08:20 - 14/9/2023

Mehdi (Alan) Hamidi Hedayat, civil activist managed to scape Iran

Mehdi (Alan) Hamidi Hedayat, who was in danger of being arrested by the repressive and security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, managed to reach Britain.

With the arrival of the anniversary of the women, life, freedom movement, which coincides with the anniversary of the government murder of Zhina/Mehsa Amini and the fear of the rekindling of this movement, the Islamic Republic, started arresting political and civil activists, and in this direction, on August 11, 2023, they went to the  Mehdi (Alan) Hamidi Hedayat,s house in Kermanshah city to arrest him. The security officers, who were confronted with his absence, confiscated some of his personal belongings, including a laptop, some flash drives, pamphlets, and his writings, and took them with them. After some effort, he finally managed to leave Iran secretly and reach a safe place and apply for asylum in England.

Mehdi Hamidi Hedayat, known as Alan, is a Kurdish civil and human rights activist from Kermanshah who has always been active in the social and political events of the past year in Iran, coinciding with the Zهina revolution. In the first few months of the Women، Life، Freedom Movement, he covered the news of protests and major issues related to popular protests with other activists.
This Kurdish activist and writer, who is also a member of the Kurdistan Writers Association, was arrested and sentenced to prison by the security forces in Iran in December 2008. After nine Month, he was transferred to Hamedan prison to endure 3 years of imprisonment in exile, and finally he was released from prison in 2013 after enduring 5 years of imprisonment.
In the years after his imprisonment, he was repeatedly threatened by the security forces, and as a result, he was forced to leave Iran due to the lack of security and facing the risk of re-arrest.

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