Statistics of human rights situation in July 2023, in Iranian Kurdistan

08:54 - 2/8/2023

Statistics of human rights situation in July 2023, in Iranian Kurdistan

Hana: Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center publishes its statistical report on the human rights situation and violation of fundamental rights of Kurdish citizens in July 2023 in Iranian Kurdistan. Due to the lack of free access to news and events inside the country, this statistic cannot include all cases of violation of citizens' rights, but all the efforts of the colleagues of Hana Human Rights Organization are in this direction, that the utmost accuracy in the inclusion of news and verification of the published cases be done

Based on the statistics registered in the statistics center of Hana Human Rights Organization, in July 2023, at least 203 Kurdish citizens were summoned and arrested, 11 people were executed, 19 Kolbars and businessmen were killed and injured, 7 workers were kiled while working. 8 labor activists were summoned and arrested, at least 6 people committed suicide, 7 people were injured due to a mine explosion, a woman was killed, 3 political activists were assassinated and 2 environmental activists were arrested. ..
In July 2023, at least 203 Kurdish citizens were summoned and detained by the security institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran arbitrarily and without any arrest warrant from the court.
The identity of all these people has been confirmed by Hana Human Rights Organization, and most of them have been arrested on charges of political activity, participation in demonstrations, cooperation with Kurdish opposition parties of the Islamic Republic, and civil activities. According to these statistics, among the detainees there are  27 women, 8 workers, 2 clerics of Kurdistan, and 2 environmental activists .
In July 2023, at least 11 people were executed in Kurdish regions. Of these, 6 people were executed for murder and 5 people were executed for drug-related crimes.
: Kolbars
According to Hana statistics, in July 2023, 19 KOlbars were killed and wounded. Of these, two people were killed and 16 people were injured by direct fire from the government forces, and 1 person was injured due to natural disasters caused by the pursuit by the government forces.
In July 2023, 27 women were arrested, one woman committed suicide and one woman was killed by her husband.
In July, at least 6 people committed suicide in the cities and villages of Kurdistan. Among the suicides there is a woman and a child. These suicides were for unknown reasons.
Based on the statistics recorded in the Hana Statistics Center in July, 7 workers died due to work accidents, and 8 labor activists were arrested.
In July 2023, three Kurdish political activists and members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran were assassinated by the Islamic Republic's terror machine in the Kurdistan region.
And finally, in this month, 7 people were injured due to the explosion of a mine planted by the government forces in the border areas of Kurdistan.
Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization
1, August 2023

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