Women in Kurdistan according to statistics in the past year

11:17 - 9/3/2023

Women in Kurdistan according to statistics in the past year

On the occasion of March 8

Hana Human Rights Organization Statistics Center has prepared a report on the situation of women in Kurdistan in the past year from March 8, 2022 to March 8, 2023, which is worth your attention.
Considering the severe censorship in Iran and the lack of free access of independent media to news and events, this statistic cannot reflect all cases of violation of women's rights, but all the efforts of Hana's colleagues are inside the country and verification has been made on all of the cases contained in these statistics.
In the past year, especially in the second six months and with the beginning of the revolution of women, life, freedom, in Iran and the leadership of women in this revolution, more women have been arrested and imprisoned.
During the past year, at least 282 women have been arrested in Kurdistan for political, civil, union, religious and media activities.
In the past year, 39 women committed suicide and 16 women were murdered.
Also, 2 women were executed. During this period, 4 women were also injured due to mine explosion.
The breakdown of arrests is as follows:
247 people in relation to the Jinnah revolution
18 people for the crime of political activity
7 people for the crime of civil activity
6 people for the crime of media activity
3 people for the crime of union activity
1 person for the crime of religious activity
A total of 39 women committed suicide, 25 of which were due to family disputes, and the reason for the other 14 was unknown to Hana. Among the 39 women who committed suicide, 11 of them were under the age of 18.

Murder of women:
In the past year, 16 women were victims of honor killings, most of them were killed by their husbands or close family members.

In the past year, 2 women were executed, whose crime was intentional murder, one of the executed women was the victim of a  child.marriage. 

Mine explosion:
In the past year, a mine explosion in the border areas of Kurdistan injured 4 women, one of whom suffered a limb violation.

Note: The names of all arrests as well as all the cases mentioned in this report are available in the statistics center of Hana Human Rights Organization.

Statistics Center of Hana Human Rights Organization
March 8, 2023

The use of these statistics is free by mentioning the source

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