A soldier's suicide attempt led to his death

06:24 - 24/5/2023

A soldier's suicide attempt led to his death

According to the received reports: On Sunday, 21 March 2023, a soldier with the identity of "Mahmoud Arash", 20 years old, the son of Abdul Karim and a resident of the city of "Yola Guldi" in the Shoot district, ended his life for unknown reasons.

A source added in a conversation with Hana; The named person committed suicide inside the "Al-Mahdi" barracks of Urmia with the weapon of his organization and this incident caused his death.

The military system in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran is mandatory for men over 18 years of age, and if they do not have a military service card, they will not benefit from the basic facilities and documents for citizens, such as passports, business licenses, or work in government offices, etc.
Due to the chaotic economic situation, the lack of jobs and job security, the low welfare level of the society and the lack of hope for the future, many mental and psychological problems of the society have been intertwined. that every day we witness mass protests, civil disobedience and especially ending lives in Kurdistan and other geo-political cities of Iran.