New bride murdered in Mahabad

08:50 - 25/7/2022

New bride murdered in Mahabad

this news has been updated The murder of a young woman by her husband in Mahabad

Hana: On Saturday evening ، July 23, 2022, a young woman from Mahabad with the identity of Befarin Rasouli, 27 years old, was killed by her husband with the identity of "Omid". M.

One of Bafarin Rasouli's relatives said: "Bafarin Rasouli's body was taken to the forensic doctor of Urmia for an autopsy and has not yet been handed over to her family."

According to the reports, this young couple had a dispute in recent days and even the day before the murder, Bafarin's mother went to their house, but Bafarin's husband prevented her from entering their house.
This source further added that the killer had previously beaten Bafarin with a belt and bruises were visible on her body, and then strangled her by squeezing her neck.

 According to this report, after killing the victim, the killer hung her body in her private room and informed the police at 23:00 that night and announced that my wife had committed suicide.

Sources confirm that the same night Omid. M was arrested by the police and released on bail the next day
Bafarin Rasouli, who had an unsuccessful marriage before, was from the village of "Qamtara" and a resident of Bahman neighborhood in Mahabad, who had started her new marriage for the second time two months ago.

Rasouli's family has filed a complaint against Befarin's husband.

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