Threats and arrests of dozens of union activists in Kurdistan

07:57 - 16/6/2022

Threats and arrests of dozens of union activists in Kurdistan

Hana: On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, dozens of Kurdistan trade union activists were detained and severely threatened by security forces ahead of a teachers' protest rally.


The names of the 22 detainees currently being held by the security services have been obtained by the Hana Human Rights Organization; "Salah Hosseini, Salah Sorkhi, Mohammad Fattahi, Aziz Marzi, Loghman Allah Moradi, Ahmad Ghaderi, Keyvan Ahmadi, Khalid Sheikhi, Khalid Abdullahi, Suleiman Abdi, Anwar Farajzadeh from" Saqez "Hiva Qureshi, Osman Rezaei, Omid Shaha Mohammadi, Parviz Ahsani and Kaveh Mohammadzadeh from "Divandarah" Mohammad Reza Moradi from "Sanandaj" is mentioned.In continuation of this report, five other union activists with the identities of "Fateh Asadi, Reza Eliassy, ​​Jabbar Pakzad, Sadegh Kanani and Maryam Ahmadi" have been summoned to the intelligence office. Fatemeh Karimi and Salah Haji Mirzaei were also threatened with arrest. And a large number of them have threatened that exact numbers are not available, so far Hana's human rights organization has no information on the fate of the detainees.

In response to the widespread arrests of security institutions and the creation of an atmosphere of terror, the Coordinating Council of the Maman Trade Unions wrote: At the Gathering on June 16, we will fill the vacancy of the detained colleagues and we will demand the swift and unconditional release of all the detained activists.

It should be noted that according to the statement of the Coordination Council of Teachers' Unions of Iran, a protest rally of employed and retired teachers will be held on June 16, 2022 to protest the non-implementation of matching, ranking, illegal detentions of union activists and scenario-making of IRIB..