Kermanshah / Suicide of a man after the murder of his wife

09:51 - 24/11/2021

Kermanshah / Suicide of a man after the murder of his wife

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Hana: On Monday (November 22, 2021), a man identified as "Askander Moradi" 55 years old, committed suicide, after the murder of his wife, identified as "Suraya Yari", 43 years old.


According to reports received; He shot his wife in the teacher's town in Kermanshah province due to a family dispute with a hunting rifle, and then he committed suicide. It should be noted; murdering women occurs due to the unequal power relations between men and women and the domination of the patriarchal system. In a society dominated by a patriarchal culture, men are more powerful and dominate women. In such a society, women are humiliated and have less value, importance and rights, and are forced to submit to men and masculine desires. In addition, in this culture, there are many requirements and do's and don'ts for women that violating these requirements (known as the norm) may result in violence against women and cost them their lives. An example of this is the honor killings, the news of which has recently been published in the public arena. Another factor that leads to violence and murder of women is the lack of legal protection for women. A law to reduce violence against women has not yet been passed. On the other hand, existing laws do not provide the necessary deterrent to protect the lives of women.