3 Kurdish citizens killed due to work accident

08:08 - 4/10/2021

3 Kurdish citizens killed due to work accident

According to reports received from Hana's colleagues: In the past two days, three other Kurdish citizens from the towns of Thalas Babajani, Sanandaj and Sarvabad have lost their lives due to a fall from a walnut tree.

According to the received reports, the identity and date of death of these citizens are as follows;

 1- (October 2, 2021) - "Mahmoud Hajri" from the village of "Hajmana" in Marivan district. 
2- Current week - Unknown exact date of Yousef Rahmani from Qalatah village of Sanandaj city.
3- ( October 2, 2021) Havandaran village of Salas Babajani functions.
It should be noted that walnut harvest has killed 5 Kurdish citizens in Kurdistan in the last month. Agricultural products are harvested in developed countries with advanced facilities, but in Iran and Kurdistan it is still done in the traditional way. It has caused casualties, and the government, instead of spending its budget on providing services to the people, spends it on reparations and aid to its affiliates abroad.